Discussion: The Role of Superintendents in Systemic Reform

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posted by: Jan Hustler on May 15, 2003 at 5:38PM
subject: PI - Superintendent Relationships
As PI for a science LSC for seven school districts, I too have learned
that superintendent support is essential. We have maintained
relationships through a Superintendents' Breakfast meeting for all
participating districts three times a year to provide goal setting,
progress sharing and issues discussions. In addition, it is critical to
be willing to adjust the LSC implementation to fit the needs of each
district. Therefore, in addition to the formal meetings, I have found
that meeting with each superintendent twice a year has been extremely
helpful in responding to specific district needs and keeping open
communications. I credit the superintendents with their ongoing
enthusiasm for the work, for maintaining the vision and for removing
roadblocks along the way.
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