Archive of the Third Annual Conference on Sustainability of Systemic Reform

This conference took place from May 13th to May 22nd 2003. It was hosted by the Center for School Reform at TERC in Cambridge MA, and was funded by the National Science Foundation. Although the conference is now over, you can still read the keynote address given by Deborah Loewenberg Ball, visit the posters presented by 23 Local Systemic Change projects, or read the engaging panel discussions. All of the interactive discussions that took place during the conference have been preserved in this archive.

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We describe highlights of the conference below:

Keynote Address and Interactive Discussion Deborah Loewenberg Ball presents "Using Content Knowledge in Teaching: What Do Teachers Have to Do, and Therefore Have to Learn?" This keynote was offered in two parts, each with its own discussion.

Poster Hall: Twenty-three different Local Systemic Change projects have reflected on their original vision as well as factors that promoted or inhibited achieving sustainability. Each poster had its own discussion forum where presenters posed questions for visitors to address.

Panels: We are pleased to share three engaging panel discussions which took place. They are:

  • The Legacies of the LSC: Discussion with Mark St. John
  • The Role of Superintendents in Systemic Reform
    Michael Klentschy, Pamela Powell, and Patricia Maruca
  • Teacher Leadership: Obstacles and Strategies
    Joan Gilbert, Laura Harnish, Ana Lopez, Cheryl Pilatowski, and Kathryn Show

Lounge: During the conference our Lounge housed an instant message center which is no longer available now that the site is archived. There is also an Open Discussion, which you can access, where participants shared their thoughts on the conference.

Discussants Reflect: Our invited discussants, Deborah Loewenberg Ball from the University of Michigan, George Hein of Lesley University, Judi Fonzi of the University of Rochester, and James Stigler, of UCLA interacted with poster presenters and panelists and have provided summary reflections on this conference.

Resources: Highlights from past virtual conferences and additional articles of interest are provided in the resource section.

Joni Falk and Brian Drayton
Principal Investigators

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