This year's conference includes three panels and are interactive events. The panelists will begin the dialogue, but hope that you will jump in to ask questions and add your own perspectives. The three panels will be:

Teacher Leadership: Obstacles and Strategies
This panel is hosted by five outstanding teacher leaders, Joan Gilbert, Laura Harnish, Ana Lopez, Cheryl Pilatowski, and Kathryn Show, from five different Local Systemic Change Projects. They will each critically reflect on successes and challenges that they have encountered and engage in an interactive dialogue with you around issues of teacher leadership.

The Role of Superintendents in Systemic Reform:
This panel will be hosted by three superintendents, Michael Klentschy,Superintendent of of the El Centro School District in El Centro, California, Patricia Maruca, Superintendent of the Holtville Unified School District, and Pamela Short-Powell the Interim Superintendent for the Oklahoma City Public Schools. They will address issues such as: the superintendent's role in enabling reform, dealing with competing reforms, the role that superintendents play in getting principals involved in the reform effort, strategies that work for getting new superintendents on-board when your project experiences administrative turnover, and obstacles faced and strategies employed by superintendents when trying to sustain a reform effort. Superintendent buy-in has been an inhibitor mentioned by many projects. These superintendents look forward to hearing your issues and brainstorming with you on creative strategies and solutions.

The Legacies of the LSCs:
Please read a most thoughtful article written by Mark St. John exploring the legacies of the LSCs. Join Mark in thinking about how your LSC grant has changed your district, and to what extent one can hope that these changes will remain in place after the grant has ended. What lessons have the LSC projects learned about sustaining systemic reform that can inform other NSF initiatives such as the MSP program?

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