Discussion: Keynote Part 1

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posted by: Michael Klentschy on May 14, 2003 at 3:42PM
subject: Content Knowledge and Content Knowledge for Teaching: Policy Issues
Your keynote raised some very interesting questions from a policy
perspective. Many state and local "teacher professional development
initiatives" solely focus on deepening teacher content understanding
and not how to use the content knowledge they have to teach. Policy
developers must beleive that the more content one understands, the
better it will be taught. This could be seen as similar to the same
policy beliefs that the more content students are exposed to, the
better they will understand it. We already know that does not always
pan out! From a policy perspective, what would you recommend to
superintendents, principals, professional development designers and/or
other policy folks as critical elements that should be considered in
the design of professional development programs for teachers?
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