Discussion: Keynote Part 1

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posted by: Judith Fonzi on May 14, 2003 at 1:06PM
subject: Question about Content Knowledge in Science
I'd like to go back to the question of what content knowledge science
teachers need to have more of. Not being a science teacher these are
genuine questions for me (that was raised by the keynote address) -
what scientific problems arise in teaching ?

Are there any parallels to the examples in mathematics, i.e., do
teachers have to analyze student's errors ? do they have to appraise
unexpected claims, solutions, and methods ? do they have to choose and
use definitions ?

And if so,what do children's errors in science look like ? what does
one need to know to be able to appraise a claim ? what needs to be
known and or considered in order to make a good choice of definition ?

I find this line of thinking really helpful in grappling with what
content knowledge math teachers need more of and, since I have
colleagues in all of the disciplines, I am curious if it can push
thinking in other areas as well.
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