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posted by: James Shymansky on May 13, 2003 at 3:06PM
subject: Math--even numbers and is 0 even questions?
If I understand the three "rules" described, it is easy to see how
students might come up with each of them for determining if a number is
even or odd. The first one works and defines 0 as even since 0/2
could be said to yield two 0s. The second one works for every number
except 0 since there would be no "group of two" for 0. The third one
works if one starts at the "right" place on the number line and then
also defines 0 as even.

I am thinking one might argue, that a combination of rule 2 and rule 3
would also work to define 0 as even: apply rule 2 to find an even
number and then move both directions to every other number. I am not a
math educator per se, so I am not sure how this might be used or if it
should be pursued with K-6 students??
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