Discussion: The Role of Superintendents in Systemic Reform

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posted by: Patricia Maruca on May 17, 2003 at 3:24AM
subject: data
Hi Charlene,

I appreciated reading your comments, and I have to agree with you that
without data anything will be a tough sell. I was also interested in
your comment about presenting your data to your Board president. In a
small, rural community such as ours,and with 3 newly elected members to
the Board, its been difficult to overcome some of the the resistance
and complaints that teachers have shared about our program. This has
been frustrating and damaging. I have been trying to think of
creative, non-traditional ways to present some positive info about our
science program to the Board. I think that once they have an
oppportunity to see that the text can and should be supplemental, and
that kits provide nearly everything that the students and the teachers
need, they will understand why kit-based programs are so much more
valuable than traditional texts. Can you or anyone else offer me ideas
for helping to better educate my Board about science reform and
kit-based instruction?
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