Bio: Ana Lopez

Ana Lopez

Science Teacher on Special Assignment (TSA)
Teacher Enhancement for Student Success (TESS) Project
Urban Systemic Science Education Center

I have a variety of responsibilities for the Urban Systemic Program's Science Center. Along with four of my colleagues, I provide professional development for K-8 teachers supporting implementation of the intended district wide curriculum using both a book-based and kit-based approach. Our emphasis in pedagogical instruction includes English Learner strategies with literacy connections through science instruction. Duties include planning, designing, and implementing professional development institutes and workshops. The professional development activities are standards-based with a focus on content and pedagogical preparation for teaching in the diverse classroom. The TSAs also facilitate monthly meetings for our district's science lead teachers. Leadership topics include current issues affecting science education, instructional resources, effective teaching strategies, formative assessment, English Language Development, and standards-based instruction. I participated as a lead teacher and staff developer before advancing to the level of leadership with Urban Systemic Program funded by NSF. My role expanded from serving as a staff developer with three schools, to the current model of sixty-five elementary and fifteen middle schools.

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