Discussion: The Role of Superintendents in Systemic Reform

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posted by: Gail Paulin on May 21, 2003 at 0:49AM
subject: librarians
we too have had great success with support from our teacher/librarians.
Because many of these folks are anxious to collaborate with teachers,
they have been very interested in the team activites where they can
work with the staff. often times , it is the librarian who lends a
brroader perspective of the learning at the site because the very
anture of their work is to focus on all grades and what sorts of
reoureces and expereinces can support the learning across grade levels.
the classroom teachers are often so focused on their classroom or
grade... they sometimes do not take time to look back or ahead to see
where students are going next... Cross grade or whole school work can
help, in TUSD librarians are one of the sites greatest assets Gail
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