Bio: Cheryl Pilatowski

Cheryl Pilatowski

Program Coordinator
Toledo Public Schools

As coordinator of the TAPESTRIES program, I facilitate the weekly meetings of the support teachers, help design the professional development programs in the area of science content and elements of effective teaching, and work with administration in the area of developing in-services to meet the needs of the teaching staff in the area of science. The professional development programs include summer instruction on how to effectively teach the inquiry-based kits at specific grade levels, monthly meetings with teachers throughout the district, and planning three professional development days for teachers new to our district. Some of the topics of our professional development include improving questioning techniques, use of the 5-E model, assessment strategies, integration of writing into the science curriculum, the use of graphic organizers, and cooperative learning techniques. I began as a combination support teacher and coordinator when we had 15 support teachers in our district. We are currently down to seven support teachers serving 49 schools.

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