Bio: Joan Gilbert

Joan Gilbert

Collaborative Teacher
D.E.S.E.R.T. Project
Tucson Unified School District

As a Collaborative Teacher for our LSC grant, I plan, design and facilitate professional development in science content and pedagogy for teachers in grades K-8. This is done with 10 colleagues as we plan on providing at least 100 hours of PD for about 1400 teachers in our District. The professional development sessions include Foundation Classes - the "how-tos" and best practice instruction of our kit-based science curriculum; Learning Forums - small groups of teachers at a school released during the professional day to dialogue about their science teaching and learning; Summer Institutes - 3 different Institutes focused on site-based leadership, student assessment, and science notebooks; technology workshops to help teachers better utilize both our own web resources as well as the Internet; workshops to support principals as they support reform at their sites; and focused leadership sessions with site-based Science Facilitators at every school.

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