Discussion: Keynote Part 2

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posted by: Judith Fonzi on May 20, 2003 at 8:02AM
subject: Examining 1/2 of 6
The teacher move here reminded me of a discussion of part 1 of the
keynote. I believe it was Anne that gave us an example of different
algorithms for dividing fractions and she suggested that the teacher
might try to relate the conjectured algorithm to a know algorithm. I
thought this mathematical move might represent important mathematics
content for teaching. As with all teacher knowledge knowing when to
apply it is yet another challenge !

Actually, I loved the use of 1/2 of 6 -- but when Deborah asked if it
was a good move for helping Riba think about 3/4 I was taken back, I
thought she was using it to relate a known fact to the "not quite sure
fact that fourths meant 4 in the group" so I had to go back to the
video. Ah, of course the original question was about 3/4 so ultimately
Riba was trying to understand 3/4 but in the process the teacher and
Sean uncovered that her struggle was really with the conception of what
the 4 means in x/4. I, therefore would ask, was this a good move to
support Riba's development of the meaning of the 4 (albeit on route to
making sense of 3/4). To which I think the answer is - yes. What
surprised me was that Riba was the one who immediately took us back to
the 3/4 -- I'm dying to know what happened with and for Riba after
the voting issue was handled !
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