Discussion: Keynote Part 2

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posted by: Jim Vanides on May 19, 2003 at 8:59PM
subject: 3 of 4
I think Riba was thinking about "3 of 4", having missed the subtlety
that it's really "3 out of 4".

Perhaps she's missing a graphical view of the idea of "amount". For
example, what would happen if after drawing 6 "sticks" on the chalk
board and Riba successfully draws a line through the middle, we then
give her a measuring cup and ask her to fill it "half way". THEN we ask
her to fill it up so it is 3/4 full. THEN we ask her to grab 3/4 of the
pile of a dozen crayons. Would this help bring her to a better notion
of fractions as an amount?

Hmmmm... I'm not a math teacher, so I'm just hypothesizing here! I look
forward to other comments...

- Jim Vanides (jimvanides @ att.net)
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