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posted by: Gail Paulin on May 21, 2003 at 0:37AM
subject: equity
I am so glad you brought up the issue of equity. I think this is huge.
Some of the previous LSC's which focused on second language learners
demonstrate that inquiry science is a wonderful way to include more
students in the learning. When we began our work we had hoped equity
would be a core value that would be woven into all our work. While I do
believe it is implicit in what we do... it is challenging to make it
explicit and unless we do this, it may not be obvious to all those
with whom we work. For me, equity is one of the main reasons we should
embrace changess in instruction.

When our systems get too focused on the goal of high stakes testing... I
have noted a tendency to "hunker down" and mandate MORE of the same
for the students who are labeled underachieving.... not better math
instruction or more opportunties for inquiry but two or three hours of
reading, drill, & skill building without thought to the engagement and
creativity that all students need to experience to own their learning.
In this respect I worry that the greatest inequities still are for
those students who are already struggling... just the reverse of what
"accountability" is supposed to support.
Thank you for bringing this issue to the discussion !
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