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posted by: Jim Vanides on May 19, 2003 at 2:15PM
subject: Kudos and Suggestions

Attending this conference online (asynchronously) has been fascinating!
I am impressed with the simple, easy to use web design, and I like
being able to "hear" what other people are saying. For example, a visit
to a face-to-face poster session allows me to ask MY questions, but I
don't usually get to hear what other folks are asking.

This is especially powerful when it comes to being able to chat with
keynote or panel presenters. Usually we listen but don't get to have a
discussion and take full advantage of their expertise!

I also applaud the web designers for giving us a user experience that
doesn't depend on having a fast internet connection. I skip the FLASH
intros I don't care to see, and the rest of the FLASH objects are
pretty small. Hooray!

A few suggestions:

* In a conference this large, I would like an easy way to follow up on
my postings and see if there were any responses (an index of my
postings perhaps, with an "alert" system of some sort?). Currently, I
have to go scrounging around to remember where I left my questions and

* It would be nice if the names of threaded discussion authors were
hotlinks to their info pages. When I read something really interesting
and want to remember WHO said it, it would be nice to quickly click
over to their info and find out more about WHO posted the message

* With 23 posters, I have a hard time remembering the various projects
and authors. Can the Poster Hall "index" include a tiny thumbnail
picture of the authors, perhaps a smaller version of the thumbnail that
is shown when you read the poster?

Thanks! Keep up the wonderful work!

- Jim Vanides (jimvanides @ att.net)
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