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posted by: Kathryn Show on May 21, 2003 at 7:25PM
subject: Thoughts on the Conference
I have found this virtual conference, my first one, very interesting,
if not a bit overwhelming at times. There were so many things to read
that triggered reflection that it was sometimes hard to respond
immediately, especially since I'm trying to keep up with other
responsibilities. I imagine this is true for many. Unlike a
conference where one has spur of the moment conversations, a virtual
conference demands that one read, process information, reflect, and
then put together coherent thoughts in writing. One gets better at it
with practice!

I like the idea of chat rooms but I agree that it would be helpful to
know the ettiquette. Being from the west coast and being on-line
mostly at night, I am wondering how many I would find to chat with.
It's certainly worth trying.
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