LSC Project Info

Middle Grades Hands-on Activity Science Program (MGHASP)

Richard Comfort (Principal Investigator)
Sandra Enger (Co-Principal Investigator)
Middle School
Urban, Suburban, Rural
The University of Alabama-Huntsville, in partnership with seven north Alabama school districts, proposes a five-year LSC project that will involve 160 middle-grade teachers. The districts are diverse ranging from rural to urban and the 11,500 students are from several traditionally underserved groups. All grade 6-8 teachers, from the 47 elementary middle and high schools in the districts, will receive at least 130 hours of professional development that will focus on: * Understanding of science content * Ability to use inquiry-centered curriculum materials effectively * Awareness of current research on science teaching and learning * Knowledge of diverse teaching practices that will enable them to reach all students * A repertoire of assessment strategies that are aligned with instructional practices. The major instructional materials to be implemented are Science and Technology Concepts for Middle Schools (STC/MS), FOSS and SEPUP. The districts have already piloted the available field-test versions of the STC materials.

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