LSC Project Info

Middle School 'SMART PROCESS' -- Local Systemic Change through Teacher Enhancement

Marselle Heywood (Principal Investigator)
Melody Winstead (Support Staff)
Middle School
9819285 NADLER

This local systemic change project will attempt to influence three dimensions of middle-school culture by enhancing teaching (standards-based content and conceptual and procedural scientific literacy), learning (inquiry-based), and curriculum (NSF developed programs: e.g. SEPUP, FOSS and "Issues, Evidence and You"). The plan builds on two elementary-level, NSF-supported reform efforts and envisages a four-year initiative of professional development involving teachers, administrators, scientists, facilitators and parents.

This Middle School Science and Technology Reform Project extends an inquiry-oriented, contemporary science program to include a technology dimension -- defined as the applications of science skills -- to develop new knowledge.

This four-year initiative is planned to serve about 17,000 mostly ethnic minority and low income students.

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