LSC Project Info

Middle School Science Systemic Change Partnership

Ethan Allen (Co-Principal Investigator)
Charles Laird (Co-Principal Investigator)
Bob Sotak (Co-Principal Investigator)
Judi Backman (Co-Principal Investigator)
Kathee Terry (Co-Principal Investigator)
Carolyn O'Keeffe (Co-Principal Investigator)
Linda Gohlke (Co-Principal Investigator)
Martin Shorb (Lead Staff)
Julie Puris (Lead Staff)
Cathy Stokes (Lead Staff)
Caroline Kiehle (Lead Staff)
Eric Ferguson (Lead Staff)
Patrick Ehrman (Lead Staff)
Meg Town (Lead Staff)
Sheldon Levias (Lead Staff)
Kathryn Kelsey (Lead Staff)
Kit Hughes (Support Staff)
Kathryn Donald
Middle School
This five year Local Systemic Change in Science, 6-12, provides a consortium of the Seattle Public Schools, Bellevue, Northshore, Highline, and Shoreline School districts along with the University of Washington and other community partners to infuse inquiry-based teaching of exemplary curricula into all middle schools in the five school districts. All of these districts are contiguous.

All middle school science teachers will have at least 165 hours of formal professional development over the five years. Whole science departments from each school will participate together. Inquiry-based learning experiences, based around exemplary curricula, will be provided through summer institutes, school-based implementation support during each year, and ongoing partnerships participating teachers. Resource Teachers, and teams of scientists. 350 teachers will be directly involved in the project.

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