LSC Project Info

WV-Handle on Science

Libby Strong (Co-Principal Investigator)
Bonnie Mueller (Co-Principal Investigator)
Mike Howard (Evaluator)
Barbara Dofka (Lead Staff)
David Leavitt (Lead Staff)
Elementary, Middle School
The WV-Handle On Science Project is a local systemic change project (LSC) that involves a collaboration of local school systems, informal science centers, colleges, and business and industry (e.g., Bayer Corp.). This project is offering a comprehensive five-year science education reform initiative for 49 schools in the five West Virginia Northern Panhandle counties (i.e., Brooke, Hancock, Marshall, Ohio, and Wetzel).

All of the approximately 625 K-6 teachers will receive professional development focusing on inquiry-based teaching strategies, science content, and alternative assessment relating to exemplary instructional materials. These materials will consist of a combination of units from Science and Technology for Children (STC), Full Option Science System (FOSS), and Insights. The modules that the teachers will be using as their instructional science program will be refurbished at the Materials Resource Center of West Liberty State College's SMART-Center.

It is expected that the WV-Handle on Science Project will serve as a model program for k-6 science education reform for the entire state of West Virginia.

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